How to Catch a Cheating Spouse - A Review

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With the advent of internet dating, cellphones and personal organizers, it comes as no surprise that spouses are offered more opportunity and anonymity when choosing to cheat on their partner. This in turn makes it difficult for frustrated spouses to find the proof and put to rest the fears and demons they are experiencing.

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Easy Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you may want to end your relationship. This feeling is completely natural; however, before you decide to ask for a divorce, it is important to make sure that your spouse really is cheating on you. The good news is that doing so is a lot easier than many originally think. In fact, five easy ways that you can go about catching a cheating spouse are highlighted below.

Follow Them
Following a cheating spouse is one of the easiest ways to catch them in the act. What you will want to do is choose your time wisely. For example, choose to follow your husband or wife when they say they are going out with friends or working late.

If you do decide to follow your husband or wife, be careful when doing so. The last thing that you want is to get caught. If you do, you may be the one who is, in turn, put in the hot seat. Also, be sure to not put yourself in any potentially dangerous situations.

Hire a Private Investigator
Hiring a private investigator is a nice and easy way to catch a cheating spouse. For many men and women, it is also a much safer approach. What you will need to do is provide an investigator with information about your spouse, such as pictures, their description, where they work, as well as their daily schedule. Your private investigator should follow your husband or wife to get the proof that you need.

The only downside to using the services of a private investigator to catch a cheating husband or wife is that you must pay for those services. However, many find the costs well worth it. If you are looking to get divorced, the pictures or video that your private investigator gets may prove to be very valuable to you.

Check Their Cell Phones
Since many cheating husbands and wives do not want to get caught, many do not use their home phones, instead they rely on the use of a cell phone. If your husband or wife has a cell phone, try to get a hold of it. Most cell phones keep accurate records, including information on text messages received, pictures received, phone calls received, and phone calls dialed. You do see anything suspicious?

In addition to checking the cell phone itself, consider looking at the bill. Did you know that some cell phone companies itemize the phone numbers and messages that are received? In fact, you may have the option to do so. If you are married, you may be able to change the format of your cell phone bill to include this important and revealing information.

The Internet
When looking to use the internet to catch a cheating spouse, you have a number of different options. For starters, you can use it as a research tool. You can research additional ways to catch a cheating spouse, learn common signs that cheaters show, mistakes that they make, and so forth. You can also use the internet to help you find a private investigator.

The internet can also be used to catch your cheating spouse in action. In fact, the internet makes it easier for people to cheat; therefore, many choose to do so online. Examine the history of your computer. Is it filled with pornographic websites, dating websites, or social networking websites? In fact, has the history to your computer recently been cleared?

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open
Finally, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open. In fact, doing so is one of the easiest ways to find a cheating spouse. If your husband or wife is brave or daring, they may flaunt their affair right in front of you. Also, it is important to remember that people talk. Do you hear your friends or family members talking about your cheating partner? If so, it might be time to start listening.

What To Do When Your Teenage Daughter Catches her Boyfriend Cheating

Being a parent means you never want to see your children suffer, particularly at the hands of a cheating boyfriend. But, what should you do if your teenage daughter finds out that her boyfriend is or has been cheating on her?

During the teen years, everything that goes happens or goes wrong seems like it is the end of the world, so expect some overreaction from your teen. As much as we want to fix everything for them, healing a broken heart is a task that can be hard to accomplish. With that said there are a few ways, five ways to be exact, that you can help your daughter overcome without being too intrusive.

Be a Source of Comfort
What you will want to do is be a shoulder for her to cry on. Also, have an ear ready to listen. Your daughter may or may not want to open up to you about her feelings and experiences right away, but be ready for when she is. It is also important to never underestimate the power of a simple hug, as just a hug from mom or dad can help to improve so much.

Give Your Daughter Space and Time
What it is important to remember about teenage relationships is that many teens think they are serious, even if the relationship only lasted a few days. Many teens believe that their boyfriends are “the one.” No matter how short or long your daughter’s relationship was, do not expect her to get over him overnight. Also, do not try to over schedule what you believe to be fun and exciting family time. Your daughter will cope at her own pace. She may just need to be alone for a while to process her thoughts and feelings.

Let Your Daughter Know You Understand
Validation is important for many teens who experience cheating or the end of a relationship. Letting your daughter know that you understand what she is going through and how much it hurts is important for her to hear. Remind your daughter that although you understand her hurt and pain, it will improve overtime. Just be cautious with your approach, as you will not want to go overboard. Now may not be the time to toss out the common “there is other fish in the sea,” line.

Avoid Making Comparisons
Since cheating is becoming somewhat of a common occurrence, there is a chance that you may have experienced the same problem and emotions. Even if you have, it is important to not compare her situation to yours. Your daughter’s situation should be treated with uniqueness. Plus, a comparison may make your daughter feel as if you are trying to diminish her pain or draw attention away from her needs.

Don’t Let Her Shut Down Completely
As previously stated, it is important to give your daughter the space and time that she needs to cope with a cheating boyfriend or the end of her relationship, but don’t allow her to shut out the whole world. Avoiding school and peers that know, may be a goal of hers, but do not allow your daughter’s fear or embarrassment have a negative impact on her life. Instead, encourage her to spend time with her friends, namely those who love and support her and will provide encouragement, regardless of the situation.

What are the Signs of a Cheating Spouse?

If you think that your spouse is cheating, you may be looking for confirmation. Before you take steps to start spying on your spouse or before you decide to hire the services of a costly private investigator, read the signs below to see if your spouse may truly be cheating on you.

A Change in Physical Appearance
Men and women who cheat often want to impress or entice the individual they are having inappropriate relations with. When doing so, they often change or improve their appearance. If your spouse starts paying more attention to their weight or buys new clothes, they may be having an affair.

Distance or Lack of Communication
Until you recently started noticing a problem, how was your communication with your spouse? If your spouse has recently stopped talking to you or distanced themselves from you at home, there is a good chance that they may be cheating on you. This is because they may be afraid of making a mistake and talking about their affair or they may already be discussing their problems with someone else.

They Constantly Work Late
Depending on your spouse and his or her career, they really may have to work late. With that said, be on the lookout for changes and use your best judgment. Has your husband or wife all of a sudden started working late? In terms of using your best judgment, know what careers often call for late nights, such as lawyers, doctors, and so forth.

They Spend Too Much Time with Friends
Spending time with friends does not always signal a cheater. In fact, healthy relationships also depend on healthy outside friendships. With that said, be sure to use your best judgment. Look for the appearance of new friends or an increased amount of time. Has your husband or wife gone from spending one night a week with friends to three or more?

You Don’t Know Where They Are
When you are married, there is never really any reason why you shouldn’t know where your spouse is, especially late at night or for long periods of time. If you do not know, chances are your spouse is cheating. When they arrive home, they better have a good reason for being late or not letting you know where they were.

You Hear Rumors
Many men and women are not careful about cheating. This often involves them telling someone or someone seeing them out on a date. In these types of situations, people often talk. Listen to what you hear. If people are telling you that your spouse is cheating, it might be time to start listening.

No Sex
Has your relationship recently become sex-free or has the sex that you do have decreased in intensity and in frequency. If so, there is a good chance that your spouse is cheating on you. Men and women who get sex elsewhere don’t always need to have it again when they return home.

You Are Accused of Cheating
In today’s society, cheating is a major concern. If your spouse accuses you of cheating, have you been displaying behavior that may lead them to that conclusion? If you haven’t, there is a good chance that they are accusing you of cheating to make themselves feel less guilty.

Hearing the Phrase “We are Just Friends”
The “just friends,” phrase is a big sign of a cheater. As with all other friendships, it is important to use your best judgment. If the friend of the opposite sex and are they are a newly acquired friend? If so, something may be up.

A Bad Feeling
Bad feelings are not something that should be easily dismissed. If you have reason to believe that your husband or wife is cheating, they may be. If you do not want to be in a relationship with a cheater, it is important for you to follow your heart. Take additional steps to see if they are truly cheating. These steps may involve hiring a private investigator or spying.

Cheaters Use the Internet for Romance

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, they may be using the internet to do so. Why? Because the internet has made it very easy for cheaters to seek new romance. Not only is the internet making online affairs easy and convenient, but many cheaters think the internet makes it harder to get caught. Unfortunately for them and luckily for you, the computer often tells the tale.

As for how men and women use the internet to seek new romance online, there are a number of different approaches taken. One of those is social networking websites. Now, it is important to know that social networking sites, like MySpace, have increased in popularity over the past few years. Just because your partner uses a social networking website, it does not mean that they are cheating on you. They may truly just be interested in connecting with old friends. Be cautious, however, of a profile that you cannot see or access or the appearance of old girlfriends.

Dating websites are also how many cheaters use the internet to seek new romance online. Unfortunately, dating websites are more risky than social networking websites. If your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend uses an online dating site, they may have the intention of actually meeting the person at the other end of the computer. This is when an affair stops becoming just an emotional affair and often starts becoming a physical affair. If you ever find that your partner is using an online dating website, be aware because there is a good chance that they are cheating on you or intend to start soon.

As it was previously stated, the internet does make it easier for cheaters to start romances online, but it is also relatively easy to catch a cheater online. To get started, check your computer’s internet history. To do so, open up a new internet explorer window. Along the top of the page, you will see the history icon. This icon is in the shape of a clock with a green arrow. Clicking on this will tell you all of the websites visited in the past few days. Be suspicious of no information, as it may mean that the history was purposely cleared.

A keylogger program, also occasionally referred to as a keyword tracker, can also be installed on your computer. These programs work to capture each word that is typed on your computer. If you think that your partner is communicating with their sex partner or partners online through email or in chat room sessions, you may be able to see exactly what it is they are saying. These types of programs can be expensive, but they can also provide you with the proof that you need.

You can also always take the direct approach. If your partner is using the computer and acting secretive, demand to see what they are looking at. Walk over to the computer immediately, request that they get up and you take their seat. View the computer’s internet history immediately. This allows you to see what they have been looking at online before giving a computer savvy cheater time to cover their tracks.

5 Signs Your Boyfriend May be Cheating

If you are a teenager who is in a serious relationship there may come a point in time when you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you. As often as you may hear an adult say “you are young, you will find love again,” you may still want to have concrete proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you. After all, if love is what you feel, you may be unsure about ending the relationship.

Although getting concrete proof that shows that your boyfriend is cheating on you can be difficult to do, there are still a number of signs that you will want to look for. These signs, five of which are outlined below, can make it easier for you to determine whether or not your teenage boyfriend is cheating on you.

He Stops Hanging Out With You
If your boyfriend stops hanging out with you or if he stops inviting you to parties or social outings with friends, there is a good chance that he is cheating on you. As for why you may no longer be invited to social events with him, he is likely worried that his friends will talk. Because, chances are his close friends already know that he is cheating on you. In fact, do his friends treat you any differently?

He Has Changed His Appearance
Has your boyfriend starting changing his appearance? Has he started taking better care of himself? At the high school level, a big change in appearance should include hairstyles or clothes. Chances are if your boyfriend has undergone a sudden appearance change, there is someone who he is trying to impress. Unfortunately, you may not be that someone.

A Rude Attitude
Since many cheaters feel guilty about their actions, they often try to lessen that guilt. One of the many ways that a boyfriend does this is by being rude to you. He may accuse you of cheating on him or he may regularly find even the smallest reasons for picking an argument. This is because some cheaters justify their behavior by claiming that their girlfriends deserved to be cheated on.

You Can’t Get In Touch With Him
Many boyfriends and girlfriends communicate through cell phone calls, text messages, and emails. If this is how you and your boyfriend communicated in the past, have you suddenly noticed a change? If you find it harder to get hold of your boyfriend, he might be cheating on you. After all, why would he always answer your phone calls, text messages, or emails before, but not now?

You Are Hearing Rumors
If one thing is for sure it is that high school students like to gossip. As previously stated, your boyfriends’ friends likely already know that he is cheating on you. They may talk to their other friends or their own girlfriends. This is likely to start rumors. Although not all rumors you hear at school are true, you may want to listen carefully.

The above mentioned signs are just a few of the many that your boyfriend may be cheating on you. If you do find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it may be a wise idea to break off the relationship. If you are having sex with your boyfriend, his cheating ways could put you at risk for developing harmful and painful sexually transmitted diseases.

Are Online Relationships Really Cheating

Do you find your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend spending way too much time on the computer? If they do and if you do not know what they are doing, you may be wondering if your significant other is having an online relationship. Unfortunately, online relationships are often viewed differently, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be considered cheating.

When it comes to relationships that develop online, there are typically two sides to the story. The first side is that of the cheater or the individual carrying on the affair. If you ever catch your significant other having an online relationship, they may claim that it isn’t really cheating. This is because sometimes a physical meeting never takes place. So, essentially, your partner has never kissed or had physical sex with the person at the other end of the computer.

The second side of the story, where online relationships are concerned, is the side of the husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend who catches their partner acting inappropriately online. For starters, it is important to know that many individuals nowadays don’t just talk online. There are social networking websites, dating websites, and other similar websites that make it easier for internet users to meet up with each other. Just because you are told that a physical meeting did not occur, it does not mean that you are getting the truth. In fact, a meeting may have been planned right around the corner.

In keeping with viewing emotional affairs from the viewpoint of those who are being “cheated,” on, it is important to examine the harm caused. Phone sex is a popular activity for couples in long distance relationships.

This may be occurring or it may be done online. Despite the fact that physical contact has still not been made, inappropriate actions are still being performed. Plus, even if sexy or seductive emails are the only thing exchanged, it can still hurt. For many men and women, emotional affairs can be just as painful and as heart breaking.

So, do you suspect that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an inappropriate relationship online. If you do, there are a number of steps that you can take to get answers. For starters, try to enter the computer room. If it is locked, there is a good sign that something inappropriate is going on. Next, when you enter the room, place all of your focus on the computer screen. Does your partner quickly change what is appearing on the screen? Next, approach them, as if you intend to give them a hug or a kiss. Towards the bottom of the screen should be a task bar. This bar will give you information on programs that are open, including pornographic websites, video players, and so forth.

If you suspect that your partner is having inappropriate relationships online, it is a good idea to first think about your actions. Unfortunately, many men and women are so surprised when they do catch what is happening that they don’t know how to act. Be prepared. Do you want to limit computer use, get rid of the computer altogether, take a break, or completely cut ties? There are a number of benefits to having a set plan in place before you confront your cheating spouse.

Remember that online relationships can often develop into more than just a few flirty emails here and there.

Is Your Teenage Son Cheating on His Girlfriend

As a parent you want to raise their son to be a mature, responsible young man, who is considerate and loyal. For the most part, our sons will end up that way, eventually in time. However, in the meantime, they will make a lot of mistakes. One of those mistakes likely involves breaking a few hearts along the way.

A large number of teenage boys “play the field” behind the backs of their devoted girlfriends. As much as you don’t want to know or admit it, your own son may be among them. But, what to do if and when you learn this important, yet heartbreaking piece of information? If you discover that your son is a player per say, there are a few ways you can go about handling the situation. A few of these ways are highlighted below for your convenience.

One approach is to just stay out of the situation completely. Since all teenage relationships are basically learning experiences, you should allow them to learn. There are a number of benefits to giving him the freedom to make his own mistakes. If you believe this way of thinking, you may just want to ignore the situation. With that said, if you suspect that your son might be jeopardizing his own health and safety or the health and safety of others by cheating, you may want to deal with the problem head-on.

Putting things into perspective for your son is another approach that you can and may want to take. What you can do is appeal to your son’s own sense of decency. Ask him to imagine how he would feel if someone broke his heart and trust in that same way. As a parent, you may be surprised just how effective this approach is. Many times, all it takes is a gentle and respectable reminder that they are not the only people in the world who have feelings and experience hurt and pain.

Discuss the consequences with your son. The consequences of cheating may seem like common sense to us, but to a teenager who lives in the moment, these ideas are fleeting, at best. Your son may not even have considered the idea of losing the friendship of a girl he cares about, developing a reputation that may impact and prevent future relationships, and so forth.

If you are worried about seeming over protective or appearing as the overbearing parent, you may want to take the “cool” approach to the situation. Most teenage boys are fueled by the approval of their peers. This means that looking “cool” to their friends is very important. You can and should try to convince your son that he doesn’t need multiple girlfriends to fit in or just because everyone else thinks that it is cool to cheat.

By implementing a few of the above mentioned steps, you may be able to help your cheating teenage son change his ways. However, even if you are completely unsuccessful in getting your son to stop his cheating, the important message is still fresh in his mind. It is likely that he will, one day, meet that special someone who leaves him with the urge to stay faithful. Until then, it is your job, as the parent, to support him as best you can even while voicing your displeasures.

Is There a Boyfriend Cheating Test

Do you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you and are you looking to reaffirm that your suspicions are true? While many other women in your shoes turn to spying on their boyfriend or the hiring of a private investigator, you may be interested in taking a cheating boyfriend test. But wait, is there even such a thing?

Yes, there are tests that are called cheating boyfriend tests. They may also be referred to as cheating boyfriend quizzes. As for what they are, you will find that it depends. They tend to target teenagers and young adults, like college students. As for how they help you determine if your boyfriend is cheating, it is done by asking a series of questions. Your answers to these questions will have an impact on your score, which means that your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

Although cheating boyfriend tests do sound kind of fun and neat, there are some important things you should know about them. You do not want to make the mistake of breaking up with your boyfriend, especially if you are in a long-term relationship, just because someone’s boyfriend test says that yours is cheating. This may end up being an embarrassing and costly mistake on your part.

The questions that are found on most cheating boyfriend tests are simple. In fact, you could say that they are too simple. Common questions asked include does he accuse you of cheating? Has your boyfriend changed his appearance? Has your boyfriend started hanging out more with his friends? Although these questions do signal the sign of a cheater, they are not guarantees.

Speaking of no guarantees, that is why you are urged to proceed with caution. Just because a boyfriend cheating test claims that your boyfriend does cheat, it really doesn’t mean that he does. With that said, it also works the other way around too. Basically, you should not invest too much into what a five question quiz tells you. If you are truly suspicious of your boyfriend, consider approaching them and voicing your concerns.

Boyfriend cheating tests, although they do not have guarantees, are popular. You should be able to find them online and free of charge. There are, however, websites that want you to pay to take a cheating boyfriend quiz. Do not do this, as it will likely end up being a waste of your money. If you do want to do a cheating boyfriend quiz, perform a standard internet search with the phrases “cheating boyfriend test,” or “free cheating boyfriend tests.”

In keeping with costs, it is important to avoid cheating boyfriend tests that can be sent to your cell phone. Most of these cell phone text messaging programs, like ones that allow you to receive jokes and horoscopes, are money wasters. In fact, they could even be considered scams. To get a boyfriend quiz delivered to your cell phone, you may have to pay a monthly or a text message fee. You may not even get the results until paying even more money. Stay away from these traps.

It is also important to note that boyfriend cheating tests, especially those that you find online, are not developed by professionals. Yes, professional relationship experts do have a serious of questions that resemble these quizzes, but most of what you will find online is written by everyday individuals, just like you and me. For that reason, do not put too much into what your cheating boyfriend quiz results are, as the information is likely unreliable and not researched.

As a recap, cheating boyfriend tests are easy to find online, with a standard internet search. Avoid having cheating boyfriend tests sent to your cell phone, as they can get costly. As fun as cheating boyfriend tests can be to fill out, especially when surfing the internet with a bunch of your friends, remember to not rely too heavily on their results.